Deftones and Gojira @ Place Bell

Saturday night was a big metal night for me ! Deftones was coming to Montréal for a big show with Gojira @ Place bell

I must say that I was more interested in Gojira, I am a big fan of them, than Deftones, who I know less. But still, I was very happy when they played two of my favorite songs, My Own Summer and Changes. It would have been perfect if they also have played Root. But I think this one is a bit more confidential.

Both shows were great, with amazing lighting ! Which is always a pleasure for photographers like me. I was a bit disappointed to not have some fire, like the last time I shot Gojira at Heavy Montreal. The big lighting cube of the Deftones show, providing an amazing lights setup, compensated a bit for the lack of fire.

Thank Thorium Mag, who allowed me to get to Place Bell to shoot the event. And thanks Evenko and Deftones manager to allow us in there.

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Symphony X @ Theatre Corona

It was my first time seeing Symphony X live. I have not listened to them for a long time, but nostalgia kicked in anyway.

I was not expecting much, so I was really pleased when I faced a band moving a lot on stage and interacting with the audience. It was really nice to see them with that level of energy.

The band was supported by Trope and Haken. It was not my first time with Haken, but it was for Trope who was a pretty nice discovery. It was a really nice metal night !

Thank Thorium Mag, who allowed me to get to Theatre Corona to shoot the event.

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Hypocrisy @ Studio TD

For the first time, I was able to see Peter Tägtgren with his band Hypocrisy at Studio TD in Montréal. He is a genius musician and I am a big fan of his project Hypocrisy and Pain.

It was a bit sad that the sound was not that good and the lighting was also really cheap… the photos could have been far better. Usually, lights are good at Studio TD. Not sure what happened.

Anyway, the band was not alone and was playing with Hideous Divinity, The Agonist and Carach Angren.

Thank Thorium Mag, who allowed me to get to Theatre Corona to shoot the event.

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Alpha Bootis @ Petit Campus

After the show from Azulov, I chatted with a musician from the band Diplomates who happens to have another band called Alpha Bootis and they wanted photos for their next show at Petit Campus in Montréal. I was available on that date, so I said yes and here we are with some photos of Alpha Bootis at Petit Campus. Thank you Alpha Bootis for trusting me on this show !

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