Behemoth @ MTelus – 04/11/2018

What a beautiful evening this was. The opening was done by Wolves In The Throne Room which I had already seen with Enslaved not so long ago. But this time the sound was really good. And this is kind of an important thing for a black ambient metal band. On top of that the scenic performance was really nice. It was a fat better performance compared to the last time I saw them. Congrats.

wolves in the throne room playing black metal at Mtelus in montreal
Wolves In The Throne Room

Next we had the old but awesome At The Gates, that I was seeing for the first time. I am a real fan of their music and am listening to them since a long time and I was happy to finally see them live. It was a solid performance with a mix of new and old material. Perfect to make me happy.

at the gates playing metal at Mtelus in montreal
At The Gates

To end the night we had the polish band Behemoth. certainly not the first time I was seeing these guys live, but first time photographing them. As always I had a blast. At some point I discovered Behemoth and found it the most hardcore band that I knew. With time I learned to love their music and now I am a big fan of them. And I must say that seeing them live is pushing the experience further. Nergal is one of the best frontman I have seen in metal bands.

Behemoth playing black metal at Mtelus in montreal

Here are the photos:

Behemoth playing black metal at Mtelus in montreal
Behemoth playing black metal at Mtelus in montreal
people crowd surfing during the behemoth show at Mtelus in montreal
The crowd went crazy durng this Behemoth show

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The Decibel Magazine Tour – Enslaved @ Theatre Corona…

On sunday the Decibel Magazine Tour was stopping by Montreal for one night of Black Metal.

The line up was bands I have never heard about (except Enslaved) but it was pretty good.

The evening started with Khemmis, then Myrkur, Wolves in the Throne Room and finally Enslaved !

I would have loved to have more light… but with too much light it won’t have been true black metal.

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