2Cellos @ Centre Bell – 11/04/2018

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It was my first time shooting at Centre Bell. For those who do not know it is the biggest venue in Montreal.

I was a bit stressed by this first time, but everything went pretty well.
The set up of the venue was at his minimal (“theatre mode”) and it was not really different from other venues. If it has been a 360 stage with full seats, I may have been a bit more intimidated.

We were stuck at console so my 70-200 was my best friend, and the only lens I used.

About the show itself… you can read my review (in French). To sum up, it was a really nice show, but it was not as good as Apocalyptica or Hans Zimmer. And when you only do covers of other artists, it is a bit disappointing. So I did not like it because it was bad but because with their talent and resources (and their own compositions), I think they could do a far better show. Yeah, it is a strange feeling.

On the photos side, besides being stuck far from the stage, it was sad that we can only see the first three songs, that were really quiet songs. When you see how they move and do crazy stuff during the hard-rock covers later in the show… It would have been so fun to photograph.

Enjoy the photos and give me your feedback!

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