Abbath at La Tulipe – 10/05/2024

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An evening of black metal with Abbath at La Tulipe. It is not the best kind of show for photographers as black metal bands prefer most of the time dark rooms. Abbath was supported by Black Anvil and Immortal Triumphant.

Here are my photos of the show !

Black Anvil

Immortal Triumphant


Photographers’s Corner

Not much to say. It was a very dark night. So prepare your best low light gear.

Still Black Anvil is using a lot of stroboscopic light, with good timing you can capture cool pictures.

Immortal Triumphant was… really hard to photograph. Really dark and monochrome. BUT if you have the opportunity to stay and shoot during the whole show, during the last two songs, the frontman is lighting some pretty nice red laser coming from his mask/helmet. You could make nice pictures.

Abbath had a bit more variety in their lighting. But still it was hard to get the face of Abbath himself. My only good opportunities were with stroboscopic lights. Also do not miss the drummer, he is interacting a bit with the audience. Otherwsie focus on Abbath. Also do not expect the musicians to move, they stayed mostly static in front of their mic stand during the show.

Gear used for Abbath at La Tulipe – 10/05/2024:

My gear for Bigflo et Oli at Centre Bell, we were shooting from the pit :

Thank Thorium Magazine, who allowed me to get to Centre Bell to shoot the event.

Full gallery here.

Let me know what you think about the photos!

Have a good day.