Andy Summers at Le National – 06-10-2023

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I had the opportunity to cover the show of Andy Summers at Le National in Montreal this week. It was a pleasant experience, a bit different from what I am used to. Andy Summers is alone on stage with his guitar and some of his own photos projected on a screen. He also talks a lot with the audience, it is an actual exchange. And if you think you do not know who Andy Summers is, you in reality know him as he is the guitarist in the band The Police.

Andy Summers

Photographer’s Corner.

I was expecting it, but those kinds of shows are a bit boring as a photographer. The light is good and everything, but not much is happening on stage. So their is not many different photos to make. The good news is that you quickly have the photos done and you can enjoy the show after.

It was my first time at Le National and they told us that we were shooting from the soundboard… so I prepared my big lens, 100-500… But in reality, the venue is pretty small so it was far too much. Friendly reminder that I should check the venue on the internet if I do not know it so I take the right gear for it.

Gear used for for Andy Summers at Le National:

My gear for Andy Summers at Le National, we were shooting from the soundboard/front house :

Thank Thorium Magazine, who allowed me to get to MTelus to shoot the event. If you want to read a full review in french, by the amazing Albert, it is here.

Full gallery here.

Let me know what you think about the photos!

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