Avatar at Olympia – 13-09-2023

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What a CIRCUS ! Avatar at Olympia was an event you should not have missed if you like musical shows. Okay, it was a concert, but when Avatar plays on stage, we are really getting close to a show or even a big circus, not your traditional concert. I wish I would be able to see them on a bigger stage in the future, with extensive resources I think they can do so crazy things! But it is already something you should see if they are coming to your city.

The band was supported by The Native Howl and Orbit Culture.

The Native Howl

The first band of the evening, The Native Howl, offers us an original blend of thrash metal and bluegrass. You don’t see that often. Even though the venue is far from packed, the audience is receptive to this uncommon style. People are moving, and it’s a pleasure to see.

I didn’t expect much, not knowing the band, but I have to say I was still impressed. One of the few criticisms I would have is that they alternate between acoustic and electric guitar a bit too often and quickly. With the distinctive sounds of the banjo on top of that, it sometimes took me out of their performance. Too bad.

Apart from that, the band is very good on stage and doesn’t lack energy

Orbit Culture

We’re changing the atmosphere a bit with Orbit Culture and their melodic death metal. The band takes us into a heavier and more intense universe, which the audience seems to really appreciate.

The band is here to present their latest album, ‘Descent,’ but they mix in songs from their different albums. One thing’s for sure, it’s impactful. I would just regret the somewhat simplistic lighting ambiance. Sorry, that’s the photographer in me speaking.

Nevertheless, it’s a band I would enjoy seeing on stage again.


Avatar is a band that I had heard about for a long time as a ‘must-see.’ Unfortunately, I had never had the chance, so I was very happy to see that their next tour was stopping in Montreal.

From the moment the musicians entered with their costumes and a well-prepared stage, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

It starts strong, with beautiful lights and a bit of pyrotechnics, with ‘Dance Devil Dance’ followed by ‘The Eagle Has Landed.’ The music is powerful and alternates between some very heavy parts and others calmer, giving you a chance to catch your breath.

I’d prefer to leave some surprises for you if you go see them, which I highly recommend, but I can tell you that several original stage setups are scattered throughout the show. Here, it’s not just a concert, but a true musical spectacle, close to the circus, as the band likes to remind us. The whole thing lasts nearly 2 hours, which is more than enough to satisfy the many spectators present.

Avatar live is truly a ‘must-see.’ If you have the opportunity, go for it!

Gear used for at Avatar at Olympia :

My gear for Avatar at Olympia :

Thank Vecteur Magazine, who allowed me to get to Olympia to shoot the event. If you want to read my full review in french, it is here.

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