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Bullet For My Valentine at MTelus – 25-09-2023

I was able to catch Bullet For My Valentine at MTelus this week. It is rare that I am able to shoot the same band twice in the same year in Montreal. But this is one of those times. After seeing them in May opening for Megadeth, the band was in Montreal again playing as the headline.

They were supported by the excellent band Vended, which I never heard of before but will definitely follow from now on, and Of Mice And Men.


Of Mice And Men

Bullet For My Valentine

Photographer’s Corner.

Once again, one of the opener, Vended, had a really nice lighting. It was really cool to shoot them. It was even better than the second band. For Vended, all the members are moving and interacting with the audience, the best being the frontman, Griffin Taylor (son of the great Corey Taylor ). You may also want to focus a bit on the drummer, who is Shawn Crahan’s son.

Of Mice And Men had lighting that I did not really like. Too much color or not enough light. So not a condition in my opinion. That is sad because the band is really nice on stage, they jump, come close to the audience, and move a lot, so better lighting could provide really good pictures.

Bullet For My Valentine had pretty nice lighting but, as I was saying during the Megadeth report, do not move that much. They are a bit too static for my taste. But at the same time with almost everyone doing guitar/bass and vocals… it is complicated to move a lot. Because of that it is a bit hard to get out with a large variety of shots.

Gear used for at Bullet For My Valentine at MTelus :

My gear for Bullet For My Valentine at MTelus :

Thank Vecteur Magazine, who allowed me to get to MTelus to shoot the event. If you want to read my full review in french, it is here.

Full gallery here.

Let me know what you think about the photos!

Have a good day.

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