Carach Angren @ Petit Campus – 30/09/2018

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The small club “Petit Campus” was having a pretty heavy night with the great black metal band Carach Angren. Three bands were openings for them, Valfreya, Wolf Heart and Mors Principium Est.

I must say that I was more excited to see Mors Principium Est, as I am waiting for them to stop in Montreal for years. Carach Angren and their AMAZING frontman is always a pleasure to see, but I already saw them this year.

It is a bit sad that this tour did not have the chance to play in a bigger venue, with better lights… But I did my best to bring back some good photos. For Valfreya I manage to be in front of the scene, it was great. Unfortunately, it did not last long. During Wolfheart, the pit was too dangerous for me and I was forced to extract myself from it. Because of that, the quality of the photo went a bit down. Anyway, I think I was able to get some great shot even without the perfect spot.

I hope you will enjoy them:

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