Cradle of Filth @ Theatre Corona – 10/04/2018

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It is always a pleasure to see for the first time a band that you were listening to when you were a teenager.

For me, it was the case with Cradle of Filth. I heard a lot about them but never had the chance to see them live.
And it was a delight! What I heard it that their performance and costume were a bit less than what they use to do in the past, but for me, it was far enough and more than I am used to.

And this night was also the opportunity to see two bands as openers. One I have already seen, Uncured, opening for Soulfly and are still really nice to see on stage!
The second band was Jinjer from Ukraine, and I must say it was the nice surprise of the evening. A really great band, with a lot of energy! You must see them!
The only downside is that they would need a better light show, stroboscopic light on every song and almost all song… kind of boring for a full set.

Enjoy the photos and give me your feedback!

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