Dear Broken Silence at L’Escogriffe – 15-06-2023

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I always have a lot of projects in parallel, and shooting for Thorium and Vecteur does not give me a lot of free time to shoot smaller shows. This is a shame and this concert re-ignites my flame for those kinds of concerts. It was a totally new venue for me, I never went there even as a spectator so I gave it a go and I shot Dear Broken Silence at l’Escogriffe.

They were supported by Seelonce and John Cohen Ex.


John Cohen Ex

Dear Broken Silence

How I have ended up there? I met Camille, the drummer from Dear Broken Silence during the Rhapsody show. And I told him that I will come to their next concert and probably will take my camera with me.

I did not regret it !

First, l’Escogriffe is a pretty nice venue for a small one. I have been in a couple of ones with far less space and far worse lighting. We are not at MTelus, but we can definitely do some cool pictures here. We are closer to a mood like Turbo Haus.

Second, the bands. It was a good surprise. I really loved Dear Broken Silence. Their music is good and they have so much energy on stage! A lot of bigger bands that I saw are far less cool to see on stage.

Seelonce was also a nice discovery. It is a bit too calm for my taste, but you can easily get caught by the mood of their music.

John Cohen Experiment was like it says, an experiment. It will not be good for everyone and I may not add it to my own Spotify playlist. But it was really impressive to see him, alone, performing on stage. I really like to see that kind of show that is not the ordinary thing you see or hear.

Gear used for Dear Broken Silence at L’Escogriffe:

My gear for Dear Broken Silence at L’Escogriffe:

I tried to use the R7 with 70-200, and it was not a great idea. This is too much for a small venue like that. But I forgot that I change my camera bag the day before for Nickelback at Centre Bell. And I needed the longer reach with the R7 because we were shooting from the console.
Anyway, I did some lens switches during the show to be able to use the 70-200 on the R6 II.

Always check your bag before going to another show !!

Thanks, Camille from Dear Broken Silence, who contacted me to get to L’Escogriffe to shoot the event.

Let me know what you think about the photos!

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