Eluveitie at Club Soda – 07-03-2023

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I am a bit late on my report, I was struggling with my website migrations. It is possible that because of that you were not able to reach the site at all for a couple of days. Sorry for that. I still need to figure out some details to really finished it. But anyway I could see the great Eluveitie at Club Soda in Montreal earlier this month.

Sadly the band was playing without Chrigel Glanzmann but the show was still lovely. Eluveitie was supported by Seven Spires and Omnium Gatherum.

Photographer’s corner.

It was a pretty nice lineup from a photographer’s point of view. Seven spires is a really good candidate, especially their frontwoman. She is very expressive and will give you really nice opportunity for great pictures. The only downside is that, as with many openers, their lighting was kind of bad. Would love to shoot them again with better lighting!

Omnium Gatherum was also a great piece to photograph. They are moving a lot, giving you looks, interacting with the audience… almost perfect. And they had pretty good lighting, not amazing but good enough, allowing me a lot of room to play with settings for shooting.

Eluveitie is always a bit hard to shoot because they are many people on stage. It is hard to follow everything that is happening on the stage. It is also hard sometimes to have a clear picture without any people getting in the shot. But anyway I tried my best and got out with pretty nice pictures.

The lighting really nice so it was helping a lot. The only weird thing was during the first song, where there were almost no lights and mainly big stroboscopic flashes. But do not worry if you shoot them, the next two songs have great and more classical lighting.

Seven Spires

Omnium Gatherum


Post-processing with Imagen

I may have this block for the following article to give a follow-up on my testing of Imagen to retouch live music photos.

The first feedback is that I was really impressed when I used images for my Powerwolf photos. But Powerwolf had AMAZING lighting. And this helped a lot the system to provide good results.

Here, especially with Seven Spires, with the lighting is not that good. The results of Imagen were not that great. I had to review et re-do a number of retouching. A reason for that is that I think Imagen is designed to work for “normal” events and lighting, so it has a bit of trouble providing good-looking images of extreme scenes, like in concert photography. It often tries to have a perfect histogram and everything which is good for a wedding or sports event. But it does not really match live music.

After the review, I uploaded my changes so it can learn from them. We will see with the next show if he learned well.

Gear used for Eluveitie at Club Soda:

My gear for Eluveitie at Club Soda:

Thank Vecteur Magazine, who allowed me to get to MTelus to shoot the event.
You can find the report of my friend Damien, in french, here.

Let me know what you think about the photos!

You can find the rest of the gallery here.

Have a good day.