Francofolies Montreal 2023

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At this time of year, Montreal kind of revived. The winter is over, bars and restaurants have their terraces opened and the festival season is starting. I was able to shoot one of the first big festivals of the season: Francofolies Montreal 2023.

I was able to shoot only for one day this year, but I shot almost all the bands of the day.
Here are my photos of the shows and some photos of the festival atmosphere.

Francofolies are a free festival in Montreal, it is happening from the beginning to mid-June every year. So if you like artists singing in French, do not hesitate to come next year!

Coeur de Pirate


Hommage à Renée Martel

Lou-Adrianne Cassidy


Hippie Hourrah


Aloise Sauvage

Marilyne Léonard

Tom Chicoine




Gear used forFrancofolies Montreal 2023:

My gear for Francofolies Montreal 2023:

I also tried to bring a computer to start doing my edits in between shows. It was a really good idea for the first shows. But At the end of the night, there were too many shows, I needed to walk between the stages so no time to edit.

Also, my current computer is kind of weak in Lightroom… If you have a good laptop or tablet to do edits with Lightroom during the festival, I would love to know which one you are using.

Thanks Thorium Mag, who allowed me to get to Francofolies Montreal 2023 to shoot the event. Y

Let me know what you think about the photos!

You can find the rest of the gallery here.