Gogol Bordello at MTelus – 01-08-2023

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Would you like a bit of punk before Osheaga ? You can thanks to Gogol Bordello at MTelus ! They brought their cool gypsy punk style to Montreal. And I must say that they are really nice on stage, it is worth seeing them live.

They were supported by a really cool band too, Puzzled Panther, a nice discovery !

Here are my photos.

Puzzled Panther

Gogol Bordello

Photographer’s Corner

Not much to say for this one. The setup was bad. The stage was high. There were a lot of speakers blocking our view, so it was tough to get a good composition. I was happy to have a mirrorless in order to shoot with my hands up and just check the back screen. But not ideal to have the perfect shot.

Regarding the lighting, it was also very complicated, with not much light, so be prepared with fast lenses.

This is sad because both of the bands delivered really cool shows, they move a lot and interact with people. But in hard light conditions, some of the killer shots ended up the average. Not sure if this is always like that. But if it is, I would love to see them in a festival during daylight. Pretty sure it will lead to amazing shots.

Gear used for Gogol Bordello at MTelus:

My gear for Gogol Bordello at MTelus:

Thanks, Thorium Mag, who allowed me to get to MTelus to shoot the event.

Let me know what you think about the photos!

You can find the rest of the gallery here.