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GWAR at Theatre Beanfield – 09/03/2023

What an epic show we had this week in Montreal. I had the chance to shoot GWAR at Theatre Beanfield. I really do not know them much, but I learned to know them during this night. And my ride home in the subway, covered in fake blood, was an interesting one.

As opener we had Xcops, a side project from some of GWAR members, and Cancer Bats, a really nice Hardcore band from Ontario, Canada. Here are my photos !


Cancer Bats

GWAR at Theatre Beanfield

Photographer’s Corner:

This is a complicated show if you are a photographer. First, without a pit, this will be a nightmare. I had the chance to have a pit.

For Xcops, it is a bit hard to follow. There are many people on stage, different people singing, a lot is happening on stage and sometimes it is hard to get a good shot of those situations. But otherwise, this is a nice band to shoot, the costumes are great, and as they have been touring for a long time, they clearly know how to do a good show on stage.

For Cancer Bats, it is a more classic punk/hardcore show. Good luck without the pit. Other than that the frontman is your best client, he is putting his leg high in the air, jumping and running. The other musicians are a bit quieter, with a bit of jumping but not much more.

GWAR is a big one. First, their costume is just awesome! Just for that, it could be a show worth shooting. But on top of that they are adding some role play and are interacting with the audience. Lots of opportunities. Be careful though, they are famous for spraying liquids on the front rows. For this tour, they have a fake chainsaw that ends up throwing a lot of fake blood toward the audience. So be prepared, old clothes or have protection for you and your gear (ponchos, plastic bags…). Here is a photo of how we ended up.

This fake blood can be scary but I was not prepared and in the end, I was dirty, and my clothes too, but my gear did not have any issues. Tips: clean right after when the fake blood is still liquid. It is harder to clean up when it is dry.

Gear used for at GWAR at Theatre Beanfield:

My gear for GWAR at Theatre Beanfield:

Thank Vecteur Magazine, who allowed me to get to theatre beanfield to shoot the event. If you want to read my full review in french, it is here.

Full gallery here.

Let me know what you think about the photos!

Have a good day.

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