Hypocrisy @ Studio TD

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For the first time, I was able to see Peter Tägtgren with his band Hypocrisy at Studio TD in Montréal. He is a genius musician and I am a big fan of his project Hypocrisy and Pain.

It was a bit sad that the sound was not that good and the lighting was also really cheap… the photos could have been far better. Usually, lights are good at Studio TD. Not sure what happened.

Anyway, the band was not alone and was playing with Hideous Divinity, The Agonist and Carach Angren.

Thank Thorium Mag, who allowed me to get to Theatre Corona to shoot the event.

Hideous Divinity

The Agonist

Carach Angren


You can find the rest of the gallery here.

For a full review of the show go to Thorium Mag.

Have a good day.