Igloofest 2024

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Igloofest 2024 is more than just a music festival; it’s a unique sensory experience. In the enchanting setting of Old Port Montreal, thousands of people gather to dance, have fun, and warm up to the sounds of the best artists in the electronic music scene. On Saturday night, I had the privilege of attending this exceptional event and capturing it through my lens.

Sterling Groove

Andrea de Tour

Joachim Pastor



Le festival

The evening kicked off with Hyunji-A, a Korean DJ and producer who created an energetic and groovy atmosphere with her mixes of house and techno. Then, Andrea de Tour, a local artist, took the stage with an elegant and refined set, blending deep house, disco, and funk. The audience was captivated by her style and creativity.

The highlight of the show was the performances by NTO and Joachim Pastor, two prodigies from the Hungry Music label, who created an enchanting atmosphere with their music blending techno and acoustic instruments. Their chemistry on stage was palpable, and the audience was in a trance. I captured expressions of joy, surprise, and admiration on the faces of the spectators, reflecting the emotion of the music.

But Igloofest is also a visual spectacle with light shows, projections, and original costumes. I was amazed by the beauty and creativity of these elements, adding charm and color to the winter night. I tried to pay tribute to this unique aesthetic with my photos.

I invite you to explore my photo coverage of Igloofest, which captures the magic of this unforgettable evening. I hope you enjoy my images and feel inspired to live or relive this unique experience.

Coverage for Thorium Magazine.

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