Lindsey Stirling @ Place Bell – 30/07/2018

You never heard of Lindsey Stirling ? Imagine a beautiful girl, playing some violin with dubstep in background while dancing and jumping.

This is a quick summary of what this amazing artist do on stage. I rarely seen someone move that much on stage while playing her instrument. The songs are melodic and make you want to move with her.

We had to stay at the sound console and only for three songs sadly, and my 70-200 does not let me a lot of options to have some creative shots, I missed the 100-400 that I rent for Heavy MTL and Osheaga. What I saw was great and the music really nice so I would recommend it to you. My only fear is that for one hour and a half of show, it may be a bit repetitive except if you are a big fan of her.

Enjoy the photos and give me your feedback!

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Review (in French): here.

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