Mike Shinoda @ MTelus – 10/10/2018

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Mike Shinoda was in town and I was so happy to be able to see him as a fan of Linkin Park when I was a teenager. I was hoping to photograph Linkin Park last year as they were supposed to come to Montreal. Unfortunately Chester committed suicide just couple of weeks before and the show was cancel.

Mike shinoda performing at Mtelus

It took time to Mike Shinoda to decide to get back on stage alone, he was used to it with his side project Fort Minor, under his own name. He delivered us a pretty nice show with songs from him, from Linkin Park and from Fort minor. As you would excpect the Linkin Park songs where only some medley with mostly his parts and not the full songs.

Mike shinoda performing at Mtelus

But even like that I still remember the chill on my skin when I heard the first songs of “in the end”. So much emotions. I loved the show, Mike is really a great artist and I hope he will continue to play on stage.

Mike shinoda playing guitar at Mtelus

On the photography side of things, I must say that the lights were awesome and a pleasure to shoot. Special thanks to the LED front panel at the beginning of the stage that was producing light to his face. Because of it his face was in light and not in dark. A small detail that lot of bands should do to at least for the first three songs to allow us to have better pictures.

The opening band, Don Broco was pretty good one too with lots of energy.

Here are the photos:

Mike shinoda performing at Mtelus
Mike shinoda performing at Mtelus
Mike shinoda performing at Mtelus

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