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Nickelback at Centre Bell – 14-06-2023

“And this is how you remind me…” I know you know the song ! And this is mostly because of this song that I was going to see Nickelback at Centre Bell this week. I heard them so much that I wanted to see what their show was like. And having them in a big venue like Centre Bell was letting me expect a hell of a show ! Sadly we had strict release and rules for photographers. We were only allowed for the first two songs, one less than usual. So we would need to be quick !

Also because of the release, all the photos will only be available on Thorium website.

Photographer’s Corner

Shooting Nickelback

I was waiting a lot from such a big show in such a big venue. Sadly I was a bit disappointed. First we only have two songs to shoot. But not a big deal, we are used to that even if that allow us less time than usual.

I did not have a lot of expectations for the dynamism on stage, and I was correct, the band was almost always behind their mic stands. It felt boring, at least for the first two songs, my friend in the crowd told me that it change afterward during the concert.

Finally, I was expecting fire or something big, and we had none. Again there were fire and pyros, but only around the 4th song.

The lighting was amazing though. But I was expecting a bit more from a show like that, especially after seeing the opener. I think this is typically a case where, in my opinion, the band should choose another setup for the first songs, or allow the photographer further in the show. But I know I am only a photographer and not the priority during a concert.

Shooting Brantley Gilbert

On the opposite, I was not expecting much from Brantley Gilbert as I never heard of them before. And their show was quite impressive for the first two songs. We had fire, Co2, the band members were moving a lot around the stage. I was really sad that we only shot from the console. We could have so much better picture from the front pit.

But It was still nice to photograph and a good surprise for me.

Gear used for Nickelback at Centre Bell :

My gear for Nickelback at Centre Bell :

Thanks Thorium Mag, who allowed me to get to Centre Bell to shoot the event. Because we had a strict release you can find the review by my friend Damien, in French, and the photos only on thorium.

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