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Osheaga 2022 – 29th July 2022

This is probably my last festival of the year: Osheaga 2022. I was not supposed to do it at first, but now one from the Thorium team was available for Friday. So I end up saying that I may be able to go, and here I am. Thanks again to Thorium for allowing me to go to this kind of event! The last time was Osheaga 2018!

This post will be a bit different from usual, it will be more of a photo report of the whole event. I shot 19 bands on Friday and ended up with 444 photos that I published on my personal gallery. I will list all the bands after the photos with links to the galleries I took from them.
Also do not miss the “animation and people” gallery, where I may have taken a shot of you!

Enjoy and do not hesitate to give me feedback.

Let me know what you think about the photos!

If you want a review of the day by Thorium’s journalist, it is here (In french).

You can find all the galleries here.

And here are the bands I shot with a link to the gallery:

Have a good day.

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