Osheaga 2023

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What a weekend at Osheaga 2023 ! The festival was taking place in Montreal for 3 days, I only shot during two of them. Thanks to Thorium and Evenko for giving me the opportunity to shoot an event like this. Even if we still do not have access to the pit… so everything you will see have been taken from the crowd, and it was tough… Like last year, I shot a LOT !

In the end, I photographed 39 bands during those two days. I took 9000 (I clearly overshoot and the post-processing was a nightmare), and sadly had an issue with my lens ruining a lot of them… (a post will come soon).

In the end, I kept around 1000 images. It may seem a lot. But based on the number of bands, it is not that many pictures per band.

Here are the photos of the festival

Photos of Osheaga 2023

Let me know what you think about the photos!

If you want a review of the day by Thorium’s journalist, it is here (In french).

You can find all the galleries here.

Bands I photographed during the festival

And here are the bands I shot with a link to the gallery for that band:

Finally for the number lovers:

  • I shot 39 bands over two days
  • I shot over 9000 photos
  • Ending up in about 980 final photos
  • I walked 18088 steps on Friday
  • and 15981 steps on Saturday

Gear used at Osheaga 2023:

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Thomas Courtois at Osheaga 2023
When one of the best concert photographers in town, Susan Moss, takes a picture of you during Osheaga <3

Have a good day.