Powerwolf at MTelus – 24-02-2023

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Long time, never see! Imagine a big band that was created in 2003 and never stopped by Montreal. Yes, it is true, if you saw Powerwolf at MTelus last Friday, it was their first time coming to Montreal. The expectation was massive, almost as massive as the crowd that came to see them perform on the MTelus stage.

The audience went crazy even for the first band, Seven Kingdoms. The venue was jammed packed, we saw many bodysurfers… It was a crazy night!

Seven Kingdoms


Photographer’s corner.

Amazing lights This is what could summarize the evening. The lights for Powerwolf were just amazing. Congrats to their lighting guy. I was really sad that they did not have their full setup with fire and everything, but it is often the case when a European band comes to the US/Canada. It would make the tour too expensive.

Powerwolf was really nice to photograph. The band moves take poses and love to show their tongues. It make a lot of opportunities to capture cool moments. Their stage design is really nice and the lights are divine so not much to say.

For Seven kingdoms the setup was not as good but really nice too. The band is active on stage and they really seem so happy to be there. They are always smiling. A pleasure to shoot. And their cheeseburgers are adding a bit to the funny mood, the cherry on top.

Gear used for Powerwolf at MTelus:

My gear for Powerwolf at Mtelus:

Thank Vecteur Magazine, who allowed me to get to MTelus to shoot the event.

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