Skinny Puppy at MTelus – 25/04/2023

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An old-school industrial band from the ’80s was in town. It was Skinny Puppy at MTelus. They have the reputation to be a big influencer in the electro-industrial genre. This is a genre that I like so I was really curious to see them live. I sadly miss the opening band, Lead Into Gold.

Here are my photos of the evening!

Skinny Puppy

Photographer’s Corner

Shooting Skinny Puppy

It was a really hard night to shoot. The first main issue, pretty common in concert photography, was the light. Their lighting is really bad, from a photographer’s point of view. So you will need to push iso and have fast lenses.

The second main issue was that for like 1 song and a half, the only member of the band that was OK to shoot was the guitar player. The Drummer was in the dark and had too much in front of him to find a good angle. And the keyboard was impossible to shoot because of the height of his stage.

This leads to the third main issue: the stage. MTelus stage is pretty high, this is usually not an issue. But this time it was because the keyboard had its own stage that was pretty high and in front of the scene. I tried to find an angle to have his face, but from the pit it was impossible. I guess that in a venue with a lower stage, you will not have the issue, or if the pit is really large. Otherwise, your will need to shoot from the crowd to have a good shot of him.

Gear used for Skinny Puppy at MTelus:

My gear for Skinny Puppy at MTelus:

I would have a lot to have a 2.8 zoom or even some f1.4 prime lenses. We did not have really good light so it was hard.

Thank Thorium Mag, who allowed me to get to MTelus to shoot the event.

Let me know what you think about the photos!

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