Steel Panther at Theatre Corona – 12-11-2022

What a colorful night with Steel Panther at Theater Corona. Have you ever seen them live? If not, this is something to do at least once in your life. They are really energetic on stage and haring a lot with the audience.

For this show, Steel Panther was supported by Black Stone Cherry, a band that I never heard of, which was an awesome opening act. They were also full of energy and move a lot, I love it.

Black Stone Cherry

Steel Panther

Note: we had a release regarding Steel Panther so I can not post all photos here, check out my photos on Thorium ! Thanks to them for allowing us to at least be able to post 5 photos for our portfolios.

Photographer’s Corner

Not much to talk about for Steel Panther. Those guys are here for a long time and it shows. Their lighting is great, they are constantly moving a lot and interacting with the audience and even the photographers.

It was a bit sad we only had two songs to shoot, it was a bit too quick for my taste. Not sure if they always do that or not. Anyway, even with two songs you should have plenty of good shots in the end. If you are not shooting in an arena, I will recommend to have a wide lense, even at 14mm I was not wide enough to capture the three guys with their instruments, I had to cut them a bit.

I also really appreciate that the frontman, Ralph Saenz, do not have a microphone stand, so if you place yourself in the center of the stage, you will have a perfect range without any blocking element for your shot.

Regarding Black Stone Cherry, the lighting was not bad, but not great either. They are really nice on stage and move a lot. The best member of the band in this area is their guitarist, Ben Wells. Be sure to keep an eye on him for a great jump or leg-in-the-air shots.

Gear used for Steel Panther at Theatre Corona:

Still using my two cameras set up for that kind of show. I thought that the crop of the R7 may be a problem at a smaller venue ( not an arena like Place Bell or Centre bell). And sadly it showed at Theatre Corona, 90% of my pictures are done with the 14-35 because the 70-200 on the R7 was zooming too much. This was not the case when I was using the 70-200 on my 6D. I think I will replace the R7 with another R6 or the new R6 MK II. But this is another story.

My gear for Steel Panther at Theater Corona:

Thank Thorium Mag, who allowed me to get to Theatre Corona to shoot the event.

Let me know what you think about the photos!

You can find the rest of the gallery here.

For a full review of the show (in French) by the amazing Albert, you can find it hereΒΈ.

Have a good day.

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