Theory Of A DeadMan @ MTelus – 08/05/2018

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A new challenge was offer to me, get pictures of the headline, not for the first 3 songs, but the first 60 seconds of the first three songs. (Yes, they can be very creative)
This was the rules to cover the show of Theory Of A DeadMan. Why ? I have no idea… but this will gonna be rock’n roll.

At least we had the normal 3 first songs/no flash rule for the opening bands: Falling Through April and Attica Riots.

Unfortunately the lights were not great so most of the image had to be recover using the black and white magic.

Falling Through April left me a good impression but not great, it is a nice band, but I think they are still missing a tiny bit of something to make them really standing out.

On the other side, Attica Riots… SUCH AN ENERGY, I hope to see them again and as a headline if possible. Their show was awesome, I love the way they were using the scene and play with each other. I strongly invite you to see them live.

Finally it was Theory Of A DeadMan and the run against the clock. It was really fun to see every photographer in the pit (and we were a lot) sat down on the media manager signals and wait until the next song. The show was well produce, Good sound, awesome lights, you can see that this is not their first tour.

Enjoy the photos and give me your feedback!

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