Tyr @ Theatre Corona – 07/05/2018

Another evening at the Theatre Corona. This time for some folk metal !

It was a long night with four bands:
Ghostship Octavius that I nerver heard of before but was very cool to watch.

Aeternam directly from Montreal ! Awesome band, not the first time I was seeing them and certainly not the last time. If you like folk, you definitely should check them out.

Orphaned Land was a nice discovery. Metal with a bit of an oriental touch, is something not that common. On top of that the musicians were just awesome, moving everything, making faces, a pleasure to photograph them.

Tyr, I know their name sinc e a long time but almost never listen to their music. It was good but not as good as I was expecting. The good part was their show. They really know how to make the crowd going crazy. As a photographer it was really a great time. As a metal fan, a bit less. I may change my mind with a better sound balance.

Enjoy the photos and give me your feedback!

Shoot For Thorium Magazine !
Review (in French): here.

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