Underoath at Olympia – 24-07-2023

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A really nice metalcore night to shoot in Montreal for me this Monday. We had Underoath at Olympia! They were sharing the headline with the Ghost inside. We have not seen those bands in the city for a long time, 6 years for Underoath and even more for The ghost inside.

The audience was on fire for the show and I was very thankful to have a huge photo pit at Olympia because we had a lot of crowd surfers, big up to the security guys who did an amazing job.

It was a cool night with really good opener bands: Better Lovers and We Came as Romans. Seeing mosh pit on the first bands is rare but it happened there, so great job to them.
Now the photos!

Better Lovers

We Came As Romans

The Ghost Inside


Photographer’s Corner

It was a strange night for a photographer. I had the best lighting for the first band, Better Lovers. This is pretty rare ! And on top of that, the first band was awesome and moving everywhere, which is also pretty rare. I almost missed them by arriving too late, so I am happy that I was able to shoot them as, in my opinion, it was the best for photography of the night.

Of course, the other bands were pretty cool too.

We Came As Romans jumps a lot, especially their frontman, so keep an eye on him. Their other really good client for photographers is their bassist, he is making a lot of faces and has so much energy that he could surprise you at any moment. Not sure if they always do that, but during the third song, the singer goes in the pit to be close to the crowd and even went for some crowd surfing. So be prepared for it.

The ghost inside was promising with its very big LED screen, and I think it is a pretty nice piece for the audience, but sadly it is not that good for photography as the rest of the lighting is not as good as I would expect. Your best client is the singer, he moves a lot and interacts with the audience as soon as he can.

Finally for Underoath, my favorite member to check is the guy behind the keyboard/dj platform. This guy is SO crazy, I love all his faces and moves. I already had pretty awesome pictures of him during the last Heavy Montreal. But the rest of the band are also good candidates, the guitar player is moving faster than light, the frontman is jumping and moving around a lot and the drummer is also headbanging like hell. I was very disappointed by the light though. Too much-saturated color forced me to go for black and white.

And again, the frontman went in the pit to be close to the audience but did not crowd surf, during the second song. Be prepared!

Gear used for Underoath at Olympia:

My gear for Underoath at Olympia:

Thank Vecteur Magazine, who allowed me to get to Olympia to shoot the event.

Full gallery here.

Let me know what you think about the photos!

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