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Gloryhammer at Theatre Beanfield – 11/03/2023

Another epic night of concert in Montreal. After GWAR it was Gloryhammer at Theatre Beanfield. If you like science fiction and unicorns, this is a band that you should check out ! In the meantime you can see my photo.

The band was supported by Walk with Titans and Twilight force.

Walk With Titans

Twilight Force

Gloryhammer at Theatre Beanfield

Photographer’s Corner:

I do not know if the light technician or the gear used at Theatre Beanfield had changed, but this concert had a LOT of light! Even for Walk With Titans, the lighting was nice. Hope for you that this is not a venue thing but that the whole tour will be like that.

For a photographer like me, all the bands had great lighting, so there is not much to tell regarding that.

For Walk with Titans, the band is moving well on stage, but nothing crazy to report.

Twilight Force is interacting a bit more with the public and the photographers. I had five or six times the guitar players doing faces for the photos. Nice touch from them. Of course, their costume is a really nice piece to shoot too. Sadly, their lineup was not complete for this show, so I can not guarantee that you will have the exact same experience as me.

Gloryhammer is also a cool band to shoot. Not many interactions except for the frontman and the keyboard player. But some role play is happening during the show. For us on the third song, a goblin came so that the frontman could beat him to get his hammer back. Pretty cool!

Gear used for Gloryhammer at Theatre Beanfield:

My gear for Gloryhammer at Theatre Beanfield:

Thank Thorium Mag, who allowed me to get to Theatre Beanfield to shoot the event.

Full gallery here.

Let me know what you think about the photos!

Have a good day.

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