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Lasso 2023

This will be my last festival of 2023, after Osheaga two weeks ago, and it will be my first time in a country music festival: Lasso 2023.

It is really nice to discover new communities and people while getting out of my comfort zone. Here we do not have a circle pit or mosh pit, but line dancing in the crowd. Everyone is super friendly and I think Lasso is the best festival for families, I cross paths with a lot of people with children.

In the end, I photographed 22 bands during those two days. I took 5000 photos.

In the end, I kept around 800 images. It may seem a lot. But based on the number of bands, there are not that many pictures per band.

Here are the photos of the festival.

Photos of Lasso 2023

Let me know what you think about the photos!

You can find all the galleries here.

Bands I photographed during the festival

And here are the bands I shot with a link to the gallery for that band:

Finally for the number lovers:

  • I shot 22 bands over two days
  • I shot over 5000 photos
  • Ending up in about 816 final photos
  • I walked 15306 steps on Friday
  • and 17053 steps on Saturday

Gear used at Osheaga 2023:

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Have a good day !

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