LP @ MTelus – 28/02/2018

LP was coming into town with Kat Cunning and The Years.
We got a beautiful pit with a bit of the scene forward like in a fashion show. It Really like that, it allowed LP to come closer to the fans, and we were able to protograph from behind which is generally not the case from the pit.
Really good show.

Here are the photos:

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Anthrax and Killswitch Engage @ MTelus – 25/01/2018

1/4 – A dream come true, on the 25th January I was able to shoot my first band of the Big four of trash mteal: Anthrax. I was just incredible for me and such an honnor.
We had the chance to have Havok as premiere and the show ended with the AMAZING Killsiwtch Engage, one of my favorite bands since a long time. This guys are so crazy and so good at the same time.
I had a blast !

Enjoy the photos:

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